Alfred H Knight

Various Laboratory Supply and Extract Fans at the Alfred H Knight facility in St Helens need to run continuously 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for various sampling tests that are continually ongoing. The problem with this is that, primarily neighbours were complaining about the noise level during the night and secondly the actual cost of running fans full speed both day and night

The Solution:

Simonswood Automation provided a simple solution by installing Allen Bradley PowerFlex 40 inverter drives into the power circuit of the fan motor drives, controlled by 24 hour timers.

The Result:
Fan speed is reduced by 50% at night (between the hours of 22.00 and 06.00) thus reducing the noise output from the fans with the added bonus of energy saving costs in doing so. Trials can also now be done to see if fan speed can also be reduced during the daytime giving more energy saving cost, without impairing the effectiveness of air flow through the various laboratories