Evans Vanodine

Batch Control System


The Challenge:

Production at the Preston site was predominantly manual intensive with over 160 different products produced on-site, human error and unreliable traceability was giving increasing concern. It was decided to automate the ‘bulk stored’ raw materials used in the production of the Janitorial, Food Process and Livestock Hygiene Chemicals.

The Solution:

Simonswood Automation provided the solution, based upon the Allen Bradley CompactLogix PLC system as the core process controller, with Wonderware InTouch as the recipe handling and operator interface. The control system has a central processor CompactLogix L32E with local and remote I/O using the DeviceNet link. The DeviceNet network also links six PowerFlex 40 Inverter Drives and a Miltronics AiRanger XPL Ultrasonic Level Controller to the central PLC, whilst the InTouch SCADAs communicates via Industrial Ethernet. The system controls seven raw material batching into some 22 manufacturing vessels. In total the control system interfaces to 9 Motors, 63 Valves, 7 Flow Meters, 2 pH Transmitters and 11 Level Transmitters.

The Result:

The control software incorporates direct batch control of each of the raw materials to any of the manufacturing vessels, together with recipe handling for semiautomatic production, with operator prompting of manual ingredients. The stock levels of all the raw materials are periodically updated to the corporate MIS, levels can also be viewed directly on the system.

“We have worked with Simonswood Automation for a number of years and have developed a trusting and friendly working relationship. We have benefited from their considerable experience and knowledge when designing bespoke transfer, CIP and batching systems, which have helped to increase our product output and energy efficiencies. They are conscientious and understanding of our requirements and continue to provide a reliable and first rate service.”

Derek Wilson – Maintenance Manager