Rosehill Polymers

Level Crossing Plant
Recipe Management / Data Logger

The Challenge
Following the setup of their unique and successful moulded level crossing ramp production plant, Rosehill Polymers were approached by SNCF, the French Railway company as a potential supplier.  Unfortunately, to comply with the strict French traceability requirements, an electronic copy of system mixes together with a record all batches of product made was required, together with a check weight of each block and other pertinent QC information, which could only be determined after manufacture.  This level of data collection far exceeded the system currently in use at Rosehill, so they approached Simonswood Automation for help and advice on modifying the system to become compliant.

The Solution
Simonswood Automation retro-fitted Ethernet communications to the existing Mitsubishi PLC and an InTouch SCADA system was bolted on to manage all recipes and batch records.  During the conception stage of the project, liaison with the end user highlighted that up to 40 moulds could be in production at any one time, meaning that the system had to be programmed to track all these potential blocks through their manufacture, together with all their process variables.  To tie up the quality control end, the existing check weigher was linked to the system via a serial interface, and the InTouch system was programmed to communicate with this to automatically receive the weight and store it with the relevant production record for the block in question.  All recipes and batch records are stored in a universally compatible CSV (comma separated variable) format, allowing them to be opened by all readily available spreadsheets, databases and reporting tools.  Archives are stored in easy to find, chronological files, ensuring fast and efficient access to all production data.  Remote access to all recipe and batch report data is also available across the plant network to all authorised personnel, meaning that operations staff can oversee production without the need to leave their desk.

The Result
The successful installation and commissioning of the software means that Rosehill Polymers are now a major supplier to SNCF.  Throughout the design of the software, ease of operation, user-friendliness and minimum impact on the existing system were all held as key points to the success of the project, a fact highlighted by Carlos Matos, Systems Manager

Bagging / Weighing / Palletiser

The Challenge:
Rosehill Polymers in Sowerby Bridge, has a high capacity continuous production facility and needed to modernise the weighing, bagging and palletising system for the Coloured Granules Product.  This in turn would eliminate the heavy manual handling of the final product and reduce production costs.

The Solution:
Simonswood provided a brand new Mitsubishi Q Series PLC control system to automate an existing manually operated vacuum conveying and bagging system. The Q Series PLC connects via Profibus to five Mitsubishi Inverters and an Applied Weighing Load Cell Amplifier unit. The Operator Interface is handled by a Mitsubishi E series 10” Touch Screen.
Simonswood provided interlocks to an existing bag filler sealer machine along with a robotic arm bag twin palletiser.

The Result:
The System now provides a more accurate, fully automatic process, with minimal user intervention, this will enable staff to perform other duties as opposed to heavy manual handling.