Gaskell & Evans

Fully Automated Production Assembley Line


The Challenge:

DSC00044-Panels-300x225 A complete production facility was to be designed and installed for a global manufacturing company, the line would automatically assemble eight individual components, fill each unit, test and laser mark the completed unit. The production line included some seven pneumatic pick and place systems, six ultrasonic welding stations, web control, two profile forming sections, a 6 axis robot, eleven single axis servo control, two laser markers, one weighing station, seven bar-code readers, six proprietary test stations, four vision systems and twenty-nine RFID tag readers. The automated systems would be integrated by the use of  pallet transfer conveyors, coupling all the stations into one continuous production line.

The Solution:

IMG_0174-Carbon-Filler-300x200 Simonswood Automation provided the solution, based upon the Allen Bradley ControlLogix PLC system using five L55 controllers, using six PanelView1000 Touchscreens as the operator interface . The control system has a Master processor with four slave processors, coupled together with EtherNet, the control system has seven DeviceNet networks. The DeviceNet networks link twelve PowerFlex 40 Inverter Drives, twenty-one SMC valve blocks, twelve Flex I/O blocks, twenty-one ArmorBlock I/O units, thirty-six RS232 modules and seven barcode readers. The system also systematically gathers sixty-seven individual process readings during the manufacture of each unit, and reports this information to a SQL database for manufacturing information and historical data.

The Result:

IMG_0184-Pu-Robot-300x200The control system provides a fully automated production facility with online verification checking, stringent reject control, ensuring that each unit produced is 100 percent fit for purpose. The data that is collected by the system allows the client to analyse each phase of the production line, and make continuous improvements to the facility to reduce waste and defects.

“Having worked with Simonswood Automation on a number of occasions we were very confident that they could supply the knowledge and expertise to bring such a large and complicated project to fruition. Working closely together and innovating as the project evolved, both G & E and Simonswood have produced a state of the art production facility. It was a pleasure working with Andy and his team, and look forward to doing so in the near future.”

Andy Peirce – Senior Project Engineer