Karmelle Ltd

The Challenge
Due to the success of their liquid filling lines, Karmelle Ltd was approached by a major manufacturer to supply a dual head filling machine for printing inks.  Unfortunately, the company in question have a strict site standard of Siemens S7-300 PLC equipment whereas the Karmelle equipment used Mitsubishi PLCs.  Given this requirement, and the potential to capture future sales with a Siemens platform, Karmelle approached Simonswood Automation for help supplying the necessary hardware and also to conduct the reprogramming of the machine.

The Solution
Simonswood Automation provided the most cost effective Siemens hardware was specified to meet both customer and machine requirements and a complete recode of the software was performed.  As this effectively meant starting with a blank piece of paper, the opportunity was seized to improve the existing system both functionally and also for ease of operation.  Amongst the many improvements, a full colour, animated, graphics screen was incorporated that allows the operator to see, at a glance, the current state of the machine.  Fully descriptive alarms were also incorporated to immediately point users to the source of problems, ensuring minimum downtime.  Both automatic and manual control is available through the touchscreen, together with all the necessary setup, priming and cleandown facilities.  Input and output monitoring screens allow the state of the machine to be diagnosed by competent personnel, and an Output Force facility allows maintenance personnel to individually test each piece of equipment to ensure correct operation.  Maximum system flexibility is achieved by linking all relevant machine settings to individual products – up to 25 containers can be programmed into the system, each with their own unique filling settings and system timings.  This not only allows simple operator setup when selecting pre-programmed containers, but also ensures that only authorised (and competent) personnel have access to the system settings and prevents the need supervisors to be on hand during product changes.

The Result

With more and more end users rigidly specifying the hardware, the successful installation and commissioning of the new control system adds an important option to the extensive Karmelle product line-up.  Managing Director Brain Dickinson adds “ Quote “.